Organising your Wedding Mass/Ceremony in Clara/Castlewarren Church

Planning the Readings, Prayers etc:

The ceremony is prepared with the priest who will celebrate your wedding, and he will be able to guide you in your planning. You will choose bible readings, and a Gospel, prepare Prayers of the Faithful (bidding prayers), and decide on the form of the vows you will be exchanging. The priest celebrating your wedding should have suggestions for you, as well as resources from your pre-marriage course.

Church Music:

You should choose Church hymns or liturgical music that is suitable to the Church, to prayer and to the wedding ceremony. Secular songs are generally not appropriate for the Mass and Sacrament of Marriage. Please convey this to the singers/musicians, ask them for their suggestions from the rich store of liturgical hymns and music, and talk to your priest when confirming your music choice. Ask the singers/musicians to make contact with the Parish Office before the day of the wedding to determine their location and sound requirements during the wedding ceremony.

Flowers, Candles:

Our Churches have fine architectural beauty, and so flowers should only be used sparingly. No large arrangements may be place in the seating area. Artificial flowers and arches should not be used, it is customary to leave a bouquet of flowers in the church. For health and safety reasons and as our aisles are narrow – candles should not be used outside the sanctuary or in the aisles. Please note that Church Liturgical Items and furniture are not to be moved from their position.  No rice, confetti, petals etc may be scattered inside the church or on the Church grounds. Please ask you Florist to contact the parish office one week prior to the wedding for guidelines.

Photographers/ Video

Photographers/ Video technicians are welcome, if they are suitably dressed, remain outside the sanctuary during the Mass, and remember to protect the prayerfulness of the ceremony by not causing distraction. All photographs should be completed before the scheduled time of the wedding mass.  Mass will start punctual at the arranged time as requested by the Bride and Groom. Please convey this to those you are engaging for this, either family members or professionals. Please ask the photographer to contact the parish office one week prior to the wedding for guidelines.

Wedding Practice:

In booking your wedding practice, please arrange this with the priest celebrating your wedding, and with the parish office and Sacristan for a suitable time for all.

Punctuality: We ask for you to be punctual for your Wedding Ceremony.  This is also courteous and respectful for your guests and church personnel.

Free Car Parking is available in the Fox and Goose Car Park.  Please keep the Church lane free of traffic for wedding party and local access. Ice cream vans, coffee docks etc must remain outside the church grounds and produce an insurance certificate.

A donation of €300 is required for non-parishioners using the church.  An offering for the Priest Celebrant and Sacristan is the responsibility of the bride and groom and is separate from the Church donation. For non-parish weddings the couple must have their own priest celebrant unless an arrangement is made with the Priest of Clara Parish.                                                

A Final Word

Please remember in all the preparations for your wedding day, you should create the space for your own prayer and reflection, asking God to guide you as a couple long into the future. Deepen your faith by regularly attending Mass so that all will be familiar to you on your wedding day. Give thanks for the good example of marriage you have received from others.

‘May the Peace of Christ ever dwell in your home; May the angels of God protect it and may the Holy Family of Nazareth be your model and inspiration’.

Clara Parish Office,
Co. Kilkenny
Telephone:  056 -7726560